Google Pixel 7 leaked, doubling down on the Pixel 6’s strangeness


According to the unofficial images we saw back in January, the Google Pixel 7 might appear quite similar to the Pixel 6 – and now we have further evidence.

image via pocket-lint

Leaked advertising photos for Pixel 7 Pro cases have appeared on the website TechGoing, and they feature a look that is extremely similar. Given that this is the first time we’ve heard of this location, we must treat the images with extreme scepticism, even if they do correspond to what we’d heard.

With its huge horizontal camera bump, the Pixel 6 Pro has earned a variety of loving (and less complimentary) nicknames, including “camera visor” and “helmet visor.”


In the renderings, the periscope lens seems to be segregated from the other two lenses, although this looks to be a design choice rather than a major change in the design of the Pixel 7 Pro.

Focus on the high points.

However, although Google does not follow a popular design for years on end until it becomes stale, it does do so with popular phones.

Until the release of the Pixel 3, Google’s phones all had the same design. However, since then, the firm has gone through a series of design iterations without releasing another very successful phone.


In any case, the firm will leave its design elements in place until the Pixel 6, which sounds like it’s selling like cool beers on a hot day, so it makes sense for them to do so.

Other improvements, such as a speedier chipset, more camera functions, and a longer battery life, are possible, but it doesn’t seem like the design will be altered.


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