Google Pixel 7 could come with a unique camera design


A rumoured Google Pixel 7 cover shows off some of the device’s potential alterations in appearance.

(Image credit: Shadow_Leaks)

As long as you have a phone, there’s going to be a phone cover for it. It seems that the rumours we’ve heard so far are solid enough to be used as a foundation for accessory design, as seen by images from TechGoing.

These renderings are consistent with what other sources have predicted the Pixel 7 will look like, despite the site’s lack of credibility. While CruzerLite’s Pixel 6 Pro case seems to be somewhat tweaked, the depicted components of the two appear to be almost similar.


Most people believe the appearance of the Pixel 7 will mirror that of the previous generation’s broad camera “visor,” which spanned over the whole width of the phone. In the black glass of the camera block, the primary and ultrawide cameras are cuddled together under one pill-shaped glass panel, while the squarer telephoto camera is shifted farther to the right and housed under its own panel. It’s a striking appearance that’s on the verge of becoming strange.

(Image credit: TechGoing)

An expanded lens or aperture may be seen in the telephoto camera’s opening on this model, which is bigger than the regular Pixel 6. The Pixel 7’s camera system isn’t expected to see major alterations from the Pixel 6’s, but a shift of this magnitude is plausible.

We can clearly see that the Pixel 7 Pro’s display is curved around the edges, much as the Pixel 6 Pro’s display was curved around the edges. Like the Pixel 6, the Pixel 7 is expected to feature a flat screen and a reduced overall size.


The Pixel 7 Pro’s display does not have a camera, so don’t get too excited. While the under-display selfie camera is becoming more popular on certain phones, we haven’t heard anything about it on the Pixel 7. However, based on a patent Google submitted, it seems the company is working on it.

The latest Pixel is likely to be unveiled in October, like last year’s Pixel 6. In the meanwhile, we can expect to learn more about items like the Pixel 6a and the Pixel Buds Pro at Google I/O 2022, which takes place later this month.


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