Google Pixel 6a tipped with 5 biggest killer upgrades


As soon as this week, Google’s Pixel 6a might be on its way. This is what to anticipate if it does.

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If rumours regarding Google’s intentions for its next affordable phone are to be believed, the Google Pixel 6a might be unveiled this week. It is widely expected that the Pixel 6a will be the focus of Google’s opening keynote at its annual developer conference, Google I/O, which begins on Wednesday (May 11).

It’s not unusual for Google to unveil a lower-cost version of its Pixel phone during a developer conference. The Pixel 3a, the first phone in Google’s A-Series, was unveiled in that city in 2019. In addition, there are other hints that a phone launch is approaching, including the recent appearance of the Pixel 6a at FCC testing.



  • Screen size: 6.2-inch OLED
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz or 90Hz
  • CPU: Tensor
  • Rear cameras: 12MP main; 12MP ultrawide
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Battery size: 4,800 mAh
  • Wired charging speed: 30W

If the Pixel 6a does come as predicted, it will enter a competitive market for mid-range smartphones that are both affordable and feature-rich. As of right now, the $429 iPhone SE (2022) from Apple is $20 less expensive than the Pixel 5a. In our Galaxy A53 vs. Pixel 5a matchup, Samsung’s Galaxy A53 came out on top, edging out Google’s current entry-level flagship. If Google wants the Pixel 6a to be the recommended sub-$500 phone, it has a lot of work to do.

Good news! Rumors of a Pixel 6a show that Google isn’t content to rest on its laurels. The Pixel 6a might quickly ascend to the top of the best cheap phones list if a number of major upgrades are confirmed.

Before the Google Pixel 6a goes on sale, here’s all you need to know about what may be coming to that phone and how likely it is to happen.


1. A brand new processor

Until now, all Pixel A-Series phones have been powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 6- or 7-series chipsets. However, they haven’t done anything that has made earlier models stand out in a big way.

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With the next Pixel 6a, Google is expected to feature the same Tensor system-on-chip that was included in the Pixel 6 phones last autumn, which might alter this situation. Tensor’s performance lags below that of Apple’s A15 Bionic in the newest iPhone SE benchmarks. In contrast, the Pixel 6’s Tensor has a specialised machine learning core that powers many of the Pixel’s unique features.

The Pixel 6’s ML-inspired capabilities include the ability to filter incoming calls and automatically transcribing spoken text messages, including punctuation, as they are said. The Pixel 6a would have these features as well if it were to get a Tensor chipset from Google. As a result, Google would have an advantage over Pixel 6a’s $500 rival. We’d wager that the addition of Tensor to the Pixel 6a will be the most notable feature of the affordable phone.


2. A new design

The Pixel 6’s CPU wasn’t the only item that was upgraded. With a horizontal camera bar that spans the whole of the phone, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have a unique appearance. In spite of its unpopularity, the current Pixel flagships stand out in a sea of mostly similar smartphones because to their unique design.

Neither have the previous three Pixel A-Series phones, but that might change if Google gives the Pixel 6a a makeover based on the Pixel 6.

This isn’t just a pipe dream for us. The Pixel 6a’s design seems to be influenced by leaked mockups and renderings. As Google has done in the past with its affordable phones, pulling inspiration from the company’s more costly flagships. Similarly to the Tensor chip story, we believe this one has a good chance of coming true.


3. A bigger battery compared to the Pixel 5a

For the first time in a long time, a Google phone has appeared on a list of the best-performing smartphones. In our battery test, in which we have phones browse the web until they run out of juice, the Pixel 5a came in with an average score. When we tried it, the Pixel 5a lasted for 9 hours and 45 minutes. Great times are about 11.5 hours, while decent times are closer to 10.5 hours.

Before we know whether the Pixel 6a can outperform the Pixel 5a, we need to test it. First, Google has to make the phone public. However, a rumour has it that Google is working to improve the battery life of its low-cost phone. Pixel 6a is said to have an internal battery capacity of 4,800 mAh.

(Image credit: Fathom Braceles / xleaks7)

With a 4,680 mAh battery, the Pixel 5a gets a little boost. However, if the Tensor silicon has superior power-management capabilities, even a little increase in battery capacity might help the Pixel 6a outlast its predecessor.


At the very least, you should be able to charge your new Google phone faster. As well as a larger battery, a 30W wired charging speed bump is also expected in the same report. Google may wish to distinguish between its flagship and cheap smartphones, so this is a bit tougher to accept.

4. New photo features

First and foremost, the cameras on the Pixel 6a don’t change all that much from the Pixel 5a’s. That’s a bummer. The Pixel 6a is said to include a 12MP wide angle camera and a 12MP ultrawide angle lens, which would put it on par with the Pixel 5a’s 12MP and 16MP cameras. The megapixel count on the ultrawide angle may decline, but the pixel size might grow, allowing the phone to let in more light for clearer shots.

Since the Pixel 5a was one of the finest camera phones in its price range, even if that is the only physical update to the Pixel 6a’s cameras, it should still be fine. Tensor-powered picture capabilities, like the Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser tool for erasing undesired objects or people from images, would be the main value of the Pixel 6a, though. The Motion Mode blur effect and other aspects of the Pixel 6 may not be included in the Pixel 6a, some leakers suggest. We really pray that this specific assertion is incorrect.


5. A fast-refreshing display

There are conflicting reports about this rumoured Pixel 6a, with many leakers claiming to have seen the device. Rumors say that the Pixel 6a’s display will have the same 60Hz refresh rate as the Pixel 5a’s display, in the other corner. As the Pixel 6a debut date approaches, another rumour has gained traction, suggesting that the new phone would have a 90Hz refresh rate, similar to that of the Pixel 6. Google’s Pixel 6 Pro would be the only phone with an adaptive 120Hz screen in the company’s lineup going forwards.

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At this moment, it’s difficult to determine whether rumour is correct. It would be advantageous for the iPhone 6a to have a higher refresh rate than the iPhone SE, which has a typical 60Hz panel, and it would also be able to keep up with the 120Hz display of the Galaxy A53.

The Pixel 6 will remain $120 more costly than the Pixel 6a, so it’s understandable why Google would want to keep its rapid refresh rate a feature reserved for the company’s flagship phones. In other words, keep an eye on Google’s display to watch how it evolves.


View from the Pixel 6a

Rumors of an I/O debut mean we won’t have to wait long before we find out which of these important Pixel 6a rumours will be confirmed by Google themselves. In addition, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Google’s new phone to see whether it maintains the $449 pricing of the Pixel 5a.

If the Galaxy 6a costs the same as its predecessor, it will be the same as the Galaxy A53, according to pricing reports. However, even if the Pixel 6a is expected to be cheaper than the iPhone SE, the aforementioned qualities suggest that the Pixel 6a is more than simply a low-cost smartphone.


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