Google Pixel 6a leak could be bad news for Google’s upcoming affordable phone


According to evidence in the Pixel Tips app, the Pixel 6a may have a camera decrease compared to the Pixel 6.

Next month’s Google I/O may give us our first glimpse at the Pixel 6a, which is reported to be nearing launch. At least one photography function may not be available when the Pixel 3 XL comes out.

What Kuba Wojciechowski uncovered in the code for the Pixel Tips app for Pixel phones is that the Motion Mode that Google’s current flagships have access to has been excluded from the app.


Pixel Tips, according to Wojciechowski, is set up to deliver Motion Mode recommendations to any phones with the “PIXEL 2021 EXPERIENCE” category, which includes the Pixel 6 and almost probably the Pixel 6a’s first-generation Tensor processor. However, a gadget dubbed “bluejay” — which is supposedly the codename for the latter — is excepted from the rule.

While the Pixel 6a may have the computing power to perform the function, its camera hardware may not be physically capable of implementing it. The Pixel 6a was said to employ an older camera sensor than the Pixel 6, and now there’s solid evidence to support that rumoured usage. That would explain why design leaks reveal a new phone with the familiar camera ‘visor.’ Perhaps this is only for show.

Even if this is true, it’s unlikely that the Pixel 6a would suffer as a result. The Pixel 6’s Motion Mode is a nice-to-have feature, but it’s hardly a deal breaker since it uses machine learning to merge many shots to create the appearance of motion blur.


Additionally, despite the fact that the 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor was utilised to excellent success in three Pixel generations and as recently as the Pixel 5, it would be surprising to see a decrease in the camera specifications. No reason to assume the Pixel 6a will be any different in terms of camera performance when it launches later this year.

In order to lower the price of the Pixel 6a, Google had to make some compromises, and the camera was one obvious place to start. If leaked benchmarks are correct, a retrograde step in camera technology seems like a sensible tradeoff given that the phone might provide the same processing speed as the full-priced offering

When Google I/O 2022 kicks up on May 11, we want to learn more about the company’s plans for the foreseeable future.


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