Google Pixel 6 provides a new approach to save your life


Finally, the Pixel 6’s quake warnings have arrived. widget for quick access

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March Feature Drop for Pixels has started showing on Pixel 6 and Pro smartphones, so your Google Pixel 6 may have just gotten a little wiser. Moreover, the enhanced earthquake-detecting capabilities of the device might be life-saving.

Your home page now has earthquake notification notifications in Google’s At a Glance widget for Pixel 6. As part of Android’s earthquake safety alert system, these alerts will go off if there is an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 or greater in the area.


It’s a widget designed specifically for Pixel devices that automatically updates with current information and can already warn users about severe weather. A smart enhancement of the widget’s capabilities for individuals who live in earthquake-prone areas will continue to make Samsung Galaxy S22 and other top Android phone customers envy…

In the March update, At a Glance will get more than just that. It has been added to the At a Glance widget so that you can see the Safety Check countdown if you have a countdown enabled. How long you have left until your Pixel automatically alerts your emergency contacts or the police is displayed below.

In addition, if your devices are linked, their battery levels will be displayed in the widget. Make sure your Bluetooth headphones are fully charged and ready to go before cranking up the volume on your guilty pleasure playlist.


It appears that the Feature Drop update has not yet been properly implemented. Only one of 9to5Google’s Pixel 6 devices has all the upgrades, according to the site (opens in new tab). So far, we’ve only identified the Connected Devices option among Tom’s Guide Pixel users. It’s also possible that some or all of these new features aren’t yet available on your Pixel.

Beyond At a Glance, the March Feature Drop has been expanded. Among these new features are Night Sight low-light photography in Snapchat, reminders to turn off your alarm clock if it’s a holiday tomorrow, and Live Caption support for phone calls.

Even after half a year, we’re still great fans of the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. So, we’re excited to see what future Feature Drop upgrades bring to these already excellent phones, but we’ll be eager to see what the Google Pixel 7 brings.


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