Google launched ‘Switch to Android’ app for iOS after 6 years of wait


Unlike Apple’s “Move to iOS,” Google has created a new iOS software called “Switch to Android,” which allows users to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android device.

Since 2015, Apple has offered an Android software called “Move to iOS” that makes it easy to move data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. With “Switch to Android,” Google finally gave an alternative to the iPhone on April 14th, allowing customers to move their data from an iPhone to an Android smartphone.

The Switch to Android software, according to its App Store description, transfers data to an Android smartphone, including images, videos, contacts, and calendar events. Rather of relying on physical cords, this is all done wirelessly.


Additionally, the app guides users through the procedures they need to do on their iPhone before they transition to another device. Tasks like disabling iMessage, which may create issues with receiving messages on Android if not correctly deactivated, are included in this.

It is possible for the app to request that iCloud photographs and videos be copied to the Android device as part of the procedure. “Ask you for a series of permissions so that your iPhone’s data may be migrated to Android,” the product listing states.

Given the fierce competition between the two platforms and the fact that Apple’s tool was introduced over six years ago, it’s puzzling why the software has suddenly been accessible for download and use on the App Store. It’s possible that Apple might have prohibited the programme from being posted in the App Store, but the iPhone manufacturer hasn’t taken such a stance.


An iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 12.0 or later is required to use the “Switch to Android” software.

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