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Google has suspended all Russian ad sales in response to the invasion of Ukraine


Ad sales in Russia have been “paused” for the time being, according to a statement from Google.

Apple Pay and online sales by Apple are two examples of many other firms and services ceasing to sell advertising to Russian consumers. The measure extends the earlier restriction on state-funded media to encompass YouTube, third-party publishing partners, and general search.

It was previously reported by Reuters that Google has prohibited the purchase or sale of advertisements by any such Russian state-owned media outlets in the past. Except for protest and anti-war commercials, marketing that takes advantage of the conflict has been banned by the firm.


According to a statement received by Reuters, “in view of the unprecedented circumstances, we’re suspending Google advertisements in Russia.” As things change rapidly, we’ll provide updates as they become available.

Russian state regulator Roskomnadzor has ordered YouTube to cease providing “false political material [that] attempts to mislead the Russian public,” Google has disclosed in separate news.

In addition, it has ordered Google to cease advertising advertisements that, it claims, include incorrect information on Russian military and Ukrainian civilian fatalities. Source


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