Google Docs got just WoW emojis — here’s how they Look


Emojis may now be used to express yourself in place of plain text.

Google announced on Tuesday that emojis will be coming to Google Docs in a blog post (April 5). Emojis may already be added to the body of a Google Doc, but this new feature will allow you to respond to highlighted text with emojis from the Google sidebar. New emoji reactions allow you to convey your thoughts about a document’s content in an informal way, Google said in a blog post.

Emojis are activated by default and cannot be turned off, therefore it’s impossible to remove them. Hovering over any message in Google Docs will bring up the “Add response” icon on the left side of the document. It is possible to exchange emoji preferences across Google Chat and the emoji app. To make changes to your emoji settings, utilise the picker in either app. Find out more about emoji reactions by visiting this page (opens in new tab).


Those who access Google Docs via the rapid release domain, an optional fast track that administrators (including you, if you choose to) may allow to obtain Google App updates sooner than normal, began receiving the update on Tuesday (April 5). Starting on April 20, emojis will be progressively rolled out on planned release domains (the usual Google Apps configuration, which provides you at least one week’s notice before new features are released). Don’t worry if you don’t see the new emojis right immediately; the business says it may take up to 15 days for everyone to view them. Users of Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business, as well as those with personal Google accounts, will be able to access them.

I’m one of the many people that uses Google Docs for both business and play. Instead of responding to certain remarks, I’ll just use an emoji. I’m amazed it’s taken this long for Google to add emoticons into Google Docs replies, given their widespread use. Google Docs is used by a wide range of people, not only companies.

However, you should be aware that emoji reactions cannot be turned off. In the meantime, you may have to cope with your coworkers potentially misusing the functionality. This might definitely change in the future. I apologise in advance to my coworkers and friends for any inconvenience this may cause.


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