Google confirms Google Pixel 6a is launching very soon


Production on the Google Pixel 6a seems to have begun recently, which implies that the mid-range phone will be available in the not-too-distant future, according to the latest leak.

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Production has started in Asia and is now “imminent,” according to Mukul Sharma, a well-known tipster. This forecast is in line with earlier speculations about the Google Pixel 6a.

The Google IO 2022 event, which begins on May 11, is the most probable place to witness the Google Pixel 6a. As a software showcase, the conference has in the past also served as a platform for hardware announcements.


In the past, there have been leaks.

The Google Pixel 5a was officially unveiled on August 17, 2021, however it seems that the model will be available sooner rather than later this year. The Pixel 5a was only released in the United States and Japan owing to a global chip shortage.

It seems that Google itself has revealed the name of the incoming Pixel 6a, and we can anticipate it to follow the Pixel 6’s example in terms of design and powering the same Tensor chipset that arrived last year.

In terms of the Google Pixel 6a’s aesthetics, leaked renderings have given us a better sense of what’s to come, but all the indications are that we won’t have to wait long.


We believe this is Google’s best-ever success.

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro haven’t sold a tonne of units yet, but Google execs have said that the latest Pixels are the fastest-selling in the Pixel series.

This is good news for Google, and the Pixel 6a is poised to capitalise on this momentum. According to what we’ve heard so far, the phone will retain many of the finest features of the Pixel 6 in a more accessible form factor.

Despite the restricted availability of the Pixel 5a, these lower-cost versions of Google’s flagships have historically attracted a large following, dating all the way back to 2019 with the Google Pixel 3a.


In the future, the Pixel 6a will compete against the iPhone SE (2022), and we believe it has a very strong chance of doing so. There will be a lot of focus on cost since the Pixel 5a went on sale for $449 (approximately £365 or AU$635).

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