Google Assistant can automatically update your passwords


If Google Chrome on Android detects that your credentials have been hacked, it will offer to update them. It’s already been over a year, and it seems that the functionality is now being made available to a far broader audience.

As soon as Google detects that a site’s password has been hacked, it will prompt you to reset it. This is nothing new, but it used to take a deliberate effort on your part. Changes include a button that reads “Change automatically” and allows Google Assistant to take control of the device’s settings.

Google Duplex’s AI is used in the application, which allows users to make restaurant reservations through phone. When you’re resetting your password, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant to browse websites and fill out forms.


That means if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to reset your password yourself, the Google Assistant can do it for you. However, users may take control at any time.

As an alternative, Google allows you to start this procedure without first logging in and receiving a warning. Google Assistant’s four-circle logo can be found in Chrome Settings > Passwords, where you may change your password by clicking the blue Change password button.


Some websites don’t allow you to change your password automatically. For websites that enable auto-password change, Android Police points out that Google hasn’t set any standards. With more and more sites having more and more active users, it’s only natural that this functionality will grow more common over time.

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