Galaxy Z Flip3 Pokemon Edition is being developed by Samsung


Are you a Pokemon enthusiast and a fan of limited edition phones? In that case, Samsung’s forthcoming Pokemon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3 is sure to pique your curiosity.

People who want to get their hands on a new Pokemon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3 will be able to do so by clicking the source link below. Samsung Korea’s online site will be the only place where the limited edition package may be purchased in large numbers. There is no indication of the price of the product.

When it comes to packaging, Samsung is making a big deal about this being the “best cooperation ever.” The foldable phone arrives in a separate Poke ball-themed package in a larger red box. Images of the black Galaxy Z Flip3 indicate that the phone will not have a custom colour scheme.


Pikachu keychain, transparent case with Pikachu stickers, other Pokemon stickers, and a Pokeball pop socket are all included in the package.

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