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You can watch The Essex Serpent on Apple TV Plus using this guide.

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Watching The Essex Serpent on Apple TV Plus gives you more than just a taste of historical drama. The next show seems to be a delectable banquet of several genres. Starting with a mystery that the general public thinks exists, you’ve got a local preacher (Tom Hiddleston) who laughs it all off.

As Cora Seaborne (Claire Danes) arrives in London to investigate monstrous tales surrounding the disappearance of a lady, you’ve got a retroish X-Files vibe.


While Cora and the man of faith have formed a bond over their shared scepticism, the locals quickly begin to think of her as a suitable candidate for a funeral pyre. Yes, it looks the townspeople will hold the investigator responsible for the monster.

At this moment, it seems that the priest is unable to assist Cora avoid being accused. We think Apple TV Plus has another winner on its hands. Find out how to watch The Essex Serpent online by reading on.

What is the release date for The Essex Serpent?

The first two episodes of The Essex Serpent will be published simultaneously at 3 a.m. Eastern Time tomorrow (Friday, May 13) on Apple TV Plus. A new episode of the six-episode season will air every Friday for the next six weeks.


The night before a show’s planned premiere, we’ve discovered that episodes of Apple TV Plus may sometimes launch around 9 p.m. ET.

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Watch The Essex Serpent online for free without a subscription.

As long as you haven’t joined up for Apple’s streaming service previously, you may listen to a free preview of The Essex Serpent. That’s because of the 7-day free trial of Apple TV Plus. If you can wait until the week before the finale, you can even watch the full two seasons for free.


Essex Serpent’s first teaser

It all begins with a lady who goes missing in the fog of a little village in The Essex Serpent’s melancholy and gorgeous trailer. There is a mythological beast blamed by the populus, but it’s an accident, according to the local pastor (Hiddleston), who has enlisted the help of a Londoner, Cora Seaborne (Danes).

The episodes of the Essex Serpent

In the first two episodes, Apple TV Plus is releasing the first two episodes concurrently, and there are six total episodes in total. The remainder will arrive one by one on next Fridays.

  • The Essex Serpent episode 1: May 13
  • The Essex Serpent episode 2: May 13
  • The Essex Serpent episode 3: May 20
  • The Essex Serpent episode 4: May 27
  • The Essex Serpent episode 5: June 3
  • The Essex Serpent episode 6: June 10

How can I view The Essex Serpent from any location, even my own?

In areas where Apple TV Plus isn’t accessible, geo-fenced limits on the platforms and services you may access are likely to occur. The Essex Serpent and other services you already pay for may be accessed over a virtual private network (VPN) from anywhere in the world.


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