Former dev: Starfield is too huge for its own good


If Bethesda decides to release Starfield later this year, it’s probable that a lot of the game’s material will have to be trimmed.

(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

As a former Starfield developer who worked on the next Bethesda sci-fi RPG revealed on the gaming community Resetera, that’s exactly what the game will be like (thanks, GamesRadar). When asked about the game, user Hevy008 claimed that Bethesda would have to delete some incomplete features if they were to launch the game later this year.

Hevy008 replied, “Well, if it doesn’t ship on time, well, they’ll try.”


You can count on them to make the necessary cuts, etc. It’s not that they have too much material; it’s that they have much too much. It’s all about having fun and, of course, finding and fixing bugs.”

This summer, the image will finally become obvious. “Beta” is scheduled for this summer.

Additionally, the “shooting seems fine,” according to the anonymous reviewer, but the “engine is a piece of garbage” and “flying is bad atm” since it’s “not enjoyable,” he or she plainly said.


Although they praised the game’s lighting and visuals, the reviewers noted that they aren’t yet on line with Horizon Forbidden West’s level. Starfield isn’t due out for another several months, so it might all change.

This post and Hevy008’s profile were both removed shortly after they were published; nevertheless, a screengrab on Imgur reveals the original message in its entirety.

A post on ResetEra by Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier has established the identify of Hevy008 as a former Starfield developer. Aside from confirming Hevy008 is “absolutely who they claimed they were,” Schreier was unable to authenticate any other specifics in their message. This included assertions about Starfield’s colossal dimensions.


There is a lot that can go wrong

The release date for Starfield is set for November 11. That’s not a great amount of time in the larger sense of game production; most triple-A games take several years to build, and Starfield was first teased in 2018. However, the development team may still make significant improvements to the game’s core features.

In spite of Hevy008’s unfavourable assessment of Starfield, notably its flying mechanics, we shouldn’t dismiss the game out of hand. Many things may happen between now and the game’s release date, so nothing is set in stone yet. Furthermore, we don’t know how recently Hevy008 was engaged in the game’s creation — whether lately or a long time ago.

In the world of video game creation, slashing material is commonplace. As a project develops from an early concept to a finished product, it is polished and shaped into a more coherent whole. To put it another way, a lot of the initial ideas that were brought to the table were either abandoned or reworked to better fit the game’s present condition.


As a Starfield fan, I can’t wait to see which concepts make the final cut. After the game’s release, we won’t be shocked if intrepid dataminers uncover previously undiscovered assets in Starfield’s files. Or if leakers like Hevy008 expose additional information about what the game was originally supposed to be.

The Starfield beta, which is scheduled to launch in the middle of the year, will provide an in-depth look at the sci-fi RPG, according to Hevy008. That’ll be our first chance to get a feel for the game’s features firsthand.


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