For All Mankind season 3: Another leap for space drama


Everything we know about the third season of For All Mankind

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Season 3 of For All Mankind has a release date, which means we may look forwards to the show’s epic journey to Mars in the future! After a stunning time leap, the second episode of Apple TV Plus’s space drama ended with a look at humanity’s successful trek to its neighbouring planet.

Continuing the epic saga that started with a controversial idea, the third season of For All Mankind will continue the tale that began with a provocative premise: There was no conclusion to the space race, and the two Cold War adversaries simply increased their efforts to inhabit the moon and beyond.


Season 1 of For All Mankind covers the period from 1969 to 1973, at a dizzying speed. The events of Season 2 took place in 1983, jumping a decade in time, and culminating in an explosive conclusion that threatened the lives of everyone on Earth and the Moon. In 1995, the first humans stepped foot on Mars, as shown in the film’s epilogue.

A new president, new astronauts and fresh missions await as the show resumes its fast-forwarding sequence.

Everything we know about For All Mankind season 3 thus far is shown below.


Release date of the third season of For All Mankind

Season 3 of For All Mankind will premiere on Apple TV Plus on Friday, June 10th.

On Nov. 1, 2019, Apple TV Plus launched, and the first season began. The second season premiered on February 19, 2021..

In Season 3, there will be ten episodes that will be released weekly.


Filming has begun on the third season of For All Mankind.

Season 3 of For All Mankind will begin production in the latter half of the month of February in 2021. Shantel VanSanten and Krys Marshall (Danielle Poole) posed in front of their set trailer in a picture that the actresses both shared on social media.

In September 2021, shooting on the third season of For All Mankind came to an end. In honour of the event, Sonya Walger shared a photo on Instagram:


For All Mankind season 3 cast

Season 3 of For All Mankind will bring about some changes for the show’s large ensemble cast, albeit exactly what those adjustments will be is difficult to say.

Since Gordo and Tracy Stevens gave their life to rescue the Moon from nuclear catastrophe, Michael Dorman and Sarah Jones can be confident they won’t be returning.

There will be ageing cosmetics required for the other primary cast members, since they will be in their 40s and 50s. Shantel VanSanten plays Karen Baldwin; Joel Kinnaman portrays Ed Baldwin; Jodi Balfour plays Ellen Wilson; Wrenn Schmidt plays Margo Madison; Krys Marshall plays Danielle Poole; Sonya Walger plays Molly Cobb.


Coral Pea as Aleida Rosales, Cynthy Wu as Kelly Baldwin, and Casey W. Johnson as Danny Stevens are all still on board. One of the latter two may even be the astronaut responsible for placing the boots on the Martian surface for testing.

The For All Mankind season 3 narrative and season 2 conclusion have been detailed in detail

In terms of television shows, For All Mankind’s season, two finale is one of the greatest so far this year. To sum it up, the season comes to an explosive close with the deaths of two popular characters and the introduction of a whole new storyline for season 3.

In the conclusion, both on Earth and on the moon, the war between the United States and Russia approaches a critical point. The Marines and Russian cosmonauts have a gunfight at the Jamestown outpost, which might lead to a nuclear reactor meltdown.


It is imperative that Gordo (Michael Dorman) and Tracy (Sarah Jones) repair the issue to rescue everyone on the base and to keep the moon liveable for millions of years. In order to survive the harsh conditions of the lunar surface, they wrap themselves in duct tape. They’re successful, but they pay a heavy price in terms of their lives. In one other’s arms, they die heroes.

Meanwhile, Ed (Joel Kinnaman) and Sally (Ellen Wroe) are at odds in lunar orbit over the destruction of a Russian spacecraft.

Danielle (Krys Marshall) defies instructions and docks with the Soyuz while in orbit around Earth on Apollo. She encourages President Ronald Reagan to make peace with the Soviet Union when her famous handshake with a cosmonaut is aired worldwide.


Margo (Wrenn Schmidt) gets a phone call from her Soviet colleague Sergei after the tearful funerals of the Stevenses. In fact, he’s working with intelligence officers to attempt to use her as an asset for their cause!!

Once on Mars, we see a pair of boots crunching across the red dirt. It is 1995.

“The Red Planet becomes the new front in the Space Race not just for the U.S. and the Soviet Union, but also an unexpected new participant with a lot to prove and much more at risk,” Apple TV Plus said in its description of season 3.


There will be a “pressure cooker that builds to a climatic finish” when characters “find themselves going head-to-head as their aspirations for Mars come into conflict and their loyalty is challenged.”

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