first look at PS Plus Premium’s retro games


Rumor has it that a number of vintage PlayStation games will be added to the PS Plus Premium tier later this year and will be available to subscribers when the service begins.

PlayStation 1 fighting game Tekken 2, PS1 puzzler Mr Driller, and arcade-style PSP racer Ridge Racer 2 assets were discovered by Redditor the andshrew in the PSN shop backend.

Premium customers will have access to titles from PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP generations when the PS Plus service relaunches later this year. They seem to be associated with the service, suggesting that all three games will be included in a new vintage collection for the service.


We can get an idea of what we may anticipate to see on PS Plus’s vintage collection even if this leak just discloses three of the 340 titles in its library.

Mr Driller is an obscure, family-friendly game, while Ridge Racer 2 has developed a devoted following since its introduction on Sony’s portable over a decade ago. All three of these games can be found on the PlayStation 3. It’s a diverse group of people. If the vintage collection is spread out across a wide spectrum, there will be something for everyone.

No end to the fun

It’ll be some time before we can play the games themselves, however. This year, PlayStation Plus will be relaunched in a phased fashion, starting in Asia on May 23 and then making its way to Japan on June 1 and the United States on June 13.


There will be three levels of service. Two monthly downloaded titles and internet access are included in PS Plus Essential as they are in the current edition. To compete with the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, PS Plus Extra gives you access to 400 PS4 and PS5 titles for download.

In addition to streaming the PS Plus library over the internet, PS Plus Premium adds a selection of classic PlayStation games to the service.

Take this with a grain of salt, as with any leak. It’s wise to hold off on getting too excited about these particular games until Sony officially reveals the PS Plus vintage games list, as seen by the andshrew’s post history.


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