First look at Apple’s new documentary series ‘Prehistoric Planet’


66 million years in the making: a documentary series Prehistoric Planet

image credits: apple

Apple is bringing a new nature documentary series to Apple TV+, but it’s different from the others we’ve seen.

Prehistoric Planet, a five-part documentary series that takes viewers 66 million years into the past to explore what life was like for the dinosaurs and our Earth, got its first peek today from the business, who released the first trailer. Sir David Attenborough narrates and Hans Zimmer composes the music for the series.


Here’s a look at the forthcoming show’s official trailer:

Every day until the season finale on May 27, the show will be available on Apple TV+ starting on Monday, May 23.

In order to give viewers a truly immersive experience, “Prehistoric Planet” will be releasing a new episode every day, combining award-winning wildlife filming, the most recent palaeontology discoveries, as well as the newest technology. Produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit with the help of MPC’s photo-realistic visual effects team (“The Lion King,” “The Jungle Book”). A new documentary, “Prehistoric Planet,” explores a wide range of Cretaceous-era ecosystems, including deserts and lakes, as well as ice worlds and forests. With its eye-opening insight into the parental methods of Tyrannosaurus Rex, “Prehistoric Planet” reveals a side of Earth’s past that has never been seen before.


Beginning on Monday, May 23, “Prehistoric Planet” will be available on Apple TV+ for a limited time. For the ultimate viewing experience, we’ve compiled a selection of the best Apple TV 2022 TVs.

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