First Android 12 Open Beta build available in OnePlus Nord 2


Open Beta builds of Android 12 for the original Nord were released earlier this year, but OnePlus has now released a comparable build for the much newer OnePlus Nord 2, which arrived in July and is still operating on Android 11 today.

image via cnet

However, OnePlus seems to be attempting to fix the problem. One step at a time. The Nord 2’s Open Beta 1 of OxygenOS 12 is the first step in this direction. If you’re not okay with bugs and other problems popping up, then steer clear of these builds. If you own a Nord 1 Pac-Man edition, you may want to avoid the Open Beta 1 since it may remove several features.

Apart from the features that were already part of Android 12 when it was released last year, this update adds “AI System Booster 2.1,” which improves “your system’s performance even when the load is high,” “Smart Battery Engine,” which extends battery life through the use of “smart algorithms and biomimetic self-restoration technology,” “improved textures on app icons,” and “optimised Extra HD.”


The complete changelog can be seen at the source link below, which is also where extensive installation instructions await the bravest among you. There are currently just two documented issues: After turning on Brighten screen in low light via Settings, Face Unlock may not work in the dark and Fortnite may crash.

Remember that switching from a mainstream build to an Open Beta one does not require wiping any data, but vice versa if you are on the Open Beta branch and want to return to the main branch, you will have to do so. Finally, OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1 can only be downloaded for the Nord 2 in India for the time being.


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