Finally Building is back in Fortnite


The option to play in Zero Build mode will be available in Fortnite.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

A fortnight after it was deleted, Fortnite: Battle Royale’s construction mechanics are once again available. Any time you play a game in which the editing tools are used, you run the risk of having your face shot off by someone who has learned how to use them well.

However, the “Zero Build” mode option is still available in the menu. Play Your Way,” reads a message on Twitter that announced the new normal. Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Zero Build both allow you to build up your character’s stats, but only one allows you to go no-builds.


An update for Chapter 3, Season 2, part of the storyline about an invasion of the island by the reality auditors of the Imagined Order, contained the building-free version of Fortnite. When Tiny Tina and Iron Man meet up in a planned spin-off comic, I’m not sure if there is a comparable layer of plot to go with its return. For all I know, it will be revealed in that comic.

Morgan Park, who famously declared that “Firefights stopped appearing like two guys shooting firearms and more like duelling carpenter sorcerers attempting to construct the biggest pile of junk,” ceased playing Fortnite, will be happy to see Zero Build mode stay. The lack of forts has improved Fortnite, he argued, applauding the new mobility mechanics that have emerged as a result.

“Players are now able to sprint in short bursts and run faster by default. For one thing, the animations in Fortnite’s sprint have a tonne of personality and character, but it also saves me from having to run over endless expanses of greenery. Similar to the new FPS-inspired sliding and mantling features, navigating Fortnite’s vibrant cities and undulating hills is now simple and enjoyable.”


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