Fake WhatsApp Support accounts seek your data PSA reports


According to a recent revelation, consumers are being asked for personal information by fake WhatsApp Support accounts. The accounts may seem legitimate at first glance, but when additional analysis is done, it becomes evident that they are not.

image via India today

Some accounts, according to WABetaInfo, claim to be the official WhatsApp Support account and even have a verified badge. Whether you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to tell if an account is verified by glancing at the profile image, which has a checkmark in the wrong place.

A fake WhatsApp account and an official WhatsApp Support profile can both be seen in this screenshot. Whenever you’re conversing with someone who has been verified, you’ll see a verified emblem next to their name and chat details. If the verified symbol appears anywhere else than the profile picture, it’s a ruse to trick you into thinking the contact is legitimate.


In order to keep your WhatsApp account active, these people are attempting to get sensitive information from you, such as your credit card information. When logging into your WhatsApp account, they may also ask for your 6-digit code!

Messages from an account that looks like this should raise red flags. Don’t supply any details – just mark it as suspicious and move on.

If you need to stay in touch with loved ones, WhatsApp is still one of the best iPhone apps for you to use. However, by pretending to be a support representative, these individuals may be able to trick others into disclosing information that they otherwise would have kept to themselves.


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