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Evacuation of part of Apple Park due to hazmat situation


According to local sources, Apple Park, the company’s Cupertino headquarters, has been evacuated due to a probable hazmat situation.

image Credit: NBC Bay Area

Firefighters in Santa Clara County found an envelope containing a white powder, according to a statement from the department. According to NBC Bay Area, the material has yet to be identified.

Emergency scanners indicate that security personnel and the sheriff’s department have the envelope, according to reports. Apple Park’s Section 8 is said to be the location of the incident.


NBC Bay Area shared an aerial photo of Apple Park showing emergency hazmat responders in front of an office building.

At this time, there is no more information about the event, although everything looks to be under control.

Officials in the area have declared that the issue is now under control and that workers are free to return to work in the building. They did not reveal the contents of the white envelope.


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