Elite season 6: release date, cast and more


With the arrival of new students at Las Encinas High School, the Spanish adolescent drama returns.

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On Elite season 6, school will be back in session. An international audience has been drawn to Netflix’s popular Spanish adolescent drama because of the show’s soapy combination of murder and suspense as well as its sex and romance. Season 6 of Elite will also include some new cast members to replace those who have graduated.

Three scholarship students from a working-class family arrive to Las Encinas, a fictitious high school, for the first time in Elite, which premiered in October 2018. It alternates between a present-day police interrogation of Samuel, Nadia, and Christian regarding the death of their classmate Marina and a future in which they are navigating their new surroundings.


Elite’s subsequent seasons dealt with a variety of other crimes, as well as the addition of new pupils to replace those who had graduated from high school. A big cliffhanger in Season 5, which was released a few weeks ago, revolves on the fate of OG character Samuel. Season 6 will most certainly bring a conclusion to the series, but it will also pose new problems for the kids that are left behind.

Elite season 6 has just begun, but here’s everything we know about it thus far.

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Speculation about the release date of Elite season 6

This is great news! It was announced in October 2021 that Netflix has renewed the Spanish series for a further season (check out the announcement on Instagram). Even yet, the streamer hasn’t established a release date for Elite season 6 yet. Season 5 recently launched in April 2021, so it won’t be for a while.

We have a good idea of when the programme will be back. In previous seasons, episodes broadcast nine to ten months apart, less than a year apart. Season 6 of Elite might begin in January or February of 2023, if the show’s previous seasons provide any indication.

The cast of Season 6 of Elite

There are constantly fresh faces in Elite’s cast as pupils leave and new ones join.


In the role of Samuel, Itzan Escamilla is expected to leave, as are actors Omar Ayuso and Rebeka, as well as Claudia Salas and Cayetana Amorós. Though Escamilla didn’t appear at the finale of season 5, she might make an appearance in season 6.

There are a number of high-profile cast members who might return: Carla Daz as Ari; Manu Rios as Patrick; Martina Cariddi as Menca; Diego Martn as Benjamin; Valentina Zenere as Isadora; and André Lamoglia as Iván.

This season’s cast of Elite has also added five new members, naming them on Instagram and posting their images and names. Ander Puig is joined by Carmen Arrufat, lvaro de Juana, ANA BOKESA AND ALVARO PASTRANA Elite’s first transgender role will be played by Puig.


The finale of season five and the narrative of season six of Elite are discussed.

While Armando’s death takes centre stage in Elite season 5, viewers will also get a glimpse of Samuel’s lifeless corpse as the series moves on.

Viewers are aware that Guzmán murdered Armando, but Samuel and Rebeka are trying to make it seem like Armando’s death was an accident. Using a promise of support, Benjamn persuades Samuel to confess to the police, which he subsequently reneges on once Samuel is jailed.

When confronted with proof that Armando was engaged in questionable data trafficking with Samuel’s principal, the police offer him amnesty in exchange for information. But Samuel gets into a fight with Benjamn after getting his hands on an incriminating SIM card. Upon tripping and falling, Samuel receives a concussion and ends up in the water.


Help is needed. Patrick calls. It seems like Omar and Rebe’s buddy is dying when they arrive, and they rush to help. In his mind, Benjamn is responsible for the accident.

Season 6 is anticipated to begin after the events of Season 5, allowing us to learn whether or not Samuel survives or succumbs to his injuries. In the event that Benjamn’s destiny is the latter, he might be charged with the murder of his pupil. Ari, Mencia, and Patrick stand to lose a lot as a result of this. It’s also possible that Las Encinas may have a new principle in the near future.


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