Elden Ring tipped to get major VR mod update


Other virtual reality modifications have been the focus of this modder’s work, so

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For those who find Elden Ring’s immersion lacking and would want to meet the eldritch beasts up close, there’s an option for you. A new hack by Luke Ross is bringing virtual reality functionality to Elden Ring’s PC edition as soon as next week.

Adding VR compatibility to a broad number of PC titles has already earned Ross notoriety in the modding community. Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Horizon Zero Dawn are just a few games that have had virtual reality features added in the past. Elden Ring gamers are now able to experience the game in a way they’ve never been able to before.


Ross showed off a few of the features of Elden Ring VR in a video he uploaded to YouTube. These included pop-ups, fighting, and general exploration of the game’s vast area.

A playable version of Elden Ring VR is expected to be available by the end of next week, according to Ross, the creator of the Real VR platform. If all goes according to plan, the mode should be released on May 8th.

People should “keep their VR legs in condition, because they’re really going to be put to the test,” Ross said.”


That doesn’t come as a surprise, given how dizzy I got watching the promo video. It seems that my tendency for motion sickness, particularly when it comes to virtual reality, means that I’ll be unable to participate in this event.

Ross also revealed to PC Gamer that the VR mod retains the original third-person camera view, so you won’t be constrained to first-person gameplay. However, due to the fact that VR doesn’t function so well when the camera is so far away from the player’s avatar—around 5 metres on average—it is not suggested that you play like this.

As Ross put it, “You’re like ‘Hey, is anything going on over there?’ instead of being right in the middle of it.” The old camera will remain available for those who insist on using it. An intermediate, up-close third-person camera will most likely be included as well. The first-person camera, on the other hand, is where it’s at.”


Ross has come up with a creative way to avoid motion sickness when watching Elden Ring’s more acrobatic feats, such as rolling: “Although the camera follows the character’s head when they roll or do other programmed animations like fighting manoeuvres, the camera stays orientated appropriately in relation to the movement of your head in real life. To keep everything seeming steady, the horizon will always be level.”

If you’re interested in first-person VR exploration of the Land Between, you’ll need to become a Real VR Patreon subscriber. All of Ross’s early stage VR modifications are yours for the $10 monthly fee.


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