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Do not harm Windows 11 by doing so, Microsoft


Ads in File Explorer seem to be coming to Windows 11 — It’s a no-brainer:

Windows 11 File Explorer tabs is the upgrade we've been waiting for

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish there were more advertisements on the Windows File Explorer!”? There’s a good chance this isn’t going to happen. Microsoft, on the other hand, does not seem to be on the same page as the rest of us.

According to reports from Windows Insiders (via XDA), the beta version of Windows 11, build 22572, is experiencing this issue. Thankfully, they aren’t commercials that are attempting to get you to purchase anything new. Ads for Microsoft Editor, an AI-powered spelling and grammar checker, seem to be needless self-promotion.


Other users have reported seeing advertisements for PowerPoint templates and

Despite the fact that the ad isn’t that invasive, it doesn’t alter the fact that Microsoft is integrating self-promotion into File Explorer in the first place. Despite the fact that this isn’t the first time Microsoft has done this, we’re not obligated to like it.

Since the release of the always-contentious Windows 8, built-in advertising has been a standard feature. There are advertisements in Windows 10 and other Microsoft-developed software. Even though I’ve been using the same laptop since 2018, my Windows 10 settings menu encouraged me to complete setting it up correctly.


Microsoft’s recommended browser settings were also suggested when I clicked on this offer, but I decided not to sign up for Office 365 or OneDrive at this time. That, of course, meant making Microsoft Edge my default browser.

However, even after ignoring that suggestion, my settings menu still displays a message encouraging me to quit using Google Chrome.

In many countries, advertising is an unavoidable reality of life. It’s often used to help pay for applications or services that don’t really cost anything to use. It is in fact possible to get ad-free access to some of the most popular subscriptions out there.


Even whether you paid for a licence yourself or it came pre-installed on your system, Windows is a premium product. If you have the more costly Windows 11 Pro version, as I do, you shouldn’t be receiving any prompts to use or trial any other Microsoft services.

Many questions remain concerning the advertising that appear in File Explorer for certain Windows Insiders. However, they are still in the testing stage until they appear in the public edition of Windows 11. That implies Microsoft has the option of reversing course and continuing to promote Windows as it is. Hopefully, someone will come up with a solution soon.


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