DisplayMate gives Vivo X Fold and X Note excellent A+ scores


The vivo X Fold, the company’s first foldable phone, and the vivo X Note, a 7-inch phone, will go on sale this week. DisplayMate gave both a perfect grade of A+ for their displays, which is a testament to the attention to detail that went into their construction.

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They purchased high-quality materials and panels. Displays on the X Fold’s inner display employ an LTPO panel with a refresh rate of 1-120 Hz, Samsung E5 emissive materials, and Schott’s Ultra Thin Glass. The X Note’s 7-inch 21:10 display is likewise made of an LTPO screen and E5 components.

According to DisplayMate, the vivo X Fold display contains an anti-reflection layer, which enhances contrast in strong ambient light. When using 100% APL (i.e. an all-white screen), the panel’s brightness is 807 nits and may reach 1,092 nits at lower APLs.


The manufacturer calibrates the screen to ensure it has the highest level of colour accuracy possible. In addition, it features a large colour range, encompassing more than 140% of sRGB and 113% of DCI-P3. The region where the display folds was confirmed to be free of picture abnormalities during testing.

The vivo X Fold display achieved an A+ grade by breaking or matching 19 smartphone display performance records.

A+ rating was also given to the stiff Vivo X Note for its record-breaking performance. If you’re looking for a brighter panel, this one can reach 1,426 nits at low APL and 1,966 at 100% APL. A large colour range (141 percent sRGB, 112 percent DCI-P3) may still be achieved with this precisely calibrated display.


For a closer look, you can read the DisplayMate report for the vivo X Fold and for the vivo X Note.

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