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Disney+ could have cheaper version, supported by ads


Disney is contemplating the development of a Disney+ subscription tier that is even more affordable. As reported by The Information, the company’s leaders are looking for new methods to expand its user base. The ad-supported version may cost less than $7.99 a month, with some sources proposing a $5 price tag.

To begin with, the tier is most likely to appear in the United States, where there is already tremendous rivalry. There is an ad-supported subscription option for Warner Media, NBC, Paramount, and Discovery. Since the first two currently provide the lowest bundles for $4.99, it’s unlikely that Disney will attempt to match that price.

Apple and Netflix will be the only big firms left without a free tier with adverts if the plan goes through. According to the data, Americans are no longer moving away from ad-free services like Netflix, which launched more than a decade ago, but are instead gravitating toward a service modelled like the ad-supported TV model.


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