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DirectStorage makes Windows 11 games load quicker


The Xbox X’s Quick Resume feature is now available on Windows.

image credits: pcgamesn

To swiftly switch between up to seven open games, you may use the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S’s Quick Resume function. Even the PS5 doesn’t have this capability. When DirectStorage API is made accessible to Windows developers, PC gamers will be able to take use of the Quick Resume feature.

DirectStorage reduces PC load times by bypassing the CPU and instead sending massive volumes of data straight from NVMe SSDs to the PC’s GPU. In order to take full benefit of DirectStorage and the newest storage optimization technologies, Microsoft recommends that players upgrade to Windows 11. DirectStorage is still available for Windows 10 users.


DirectStorage performance is said to be improved by using an NVMe SSD for game installation. However, there may be certain advantages even if you have an old-school rotating hard disc.

Now that Microsoft has made the API available to developers, we’ll have to wait and see which games use DirectStorage before we know which ones. Our guess is that huge Microsoft games like Halo Infinite, Gears of War 5, Forza Horizon 5, and other Xbox exclusives will be supported by DirectStorage in the near future. The API is open to third-party Windows developers, too.

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed that HDR calibration will be coming to Windows, which is another another feature taken from the Xbox Series X.. The Windows HDR Calibration software may help you increase HDR display colour accuracy and consistency. Auto HDR and VRR are also being implemented by Microsoft for windowed games (Variable Refresh Rate). The latency of older games running in windows mode will be improved as a result of these changes.


As promised, Microsoft is steadily delivering on its promise of Windows 11’s gaming capabilities. DirectStorage-capable Windows games may be a bit off, but the fact that PC gamers will be able to take benefit of one of the Xbox’s finest features is thrilling all the same.

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