Coca-Cola’s new pixel-flavoured beverage has just been introduced


Wouldn’t it be better to sip the pixel-flavoured Coca-Cola Byte than lick your screen?

(Image credit: Coca-Cola)

Has anybody tried Coca-Cola Byte and if so, how does it compare to that? Maybe it depends on what you believe pixels are made of? Pixels seem crunchy and tasty to me, similar to Nerds candy, but with squares instead of random pebbles in the shape of pixels.

Before the formal launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte on May 2, I had the opportunity to try a sample of the beverage.


Coca-Cola Byte is the company’s newest limited-edition soda; you may recall Starlight, the “space”-flavoured beverage from earlier this year.? With Byte, Coca-Cola is attempting to generate interest and discussion rather than a new best-selling soft drink.

And it’s a success, for the most part. Because of its intriguing can design and mysterious taste, Byte is an intriguing product, even if I’m not convinced it’ll be a go-to caffeine source for gamers.

What is the flavour of Coca-Cola Byte?

The first time I heard about Coca-Cola Byte, I asked TikTok users to estimate what pixels taste like. Several of Tom’s Guide’s TikTok readers advised La Croix carbonated water, and I’d agree with them.


As a result, the flavour of Coca-Cola Byte is reminiscent of mixed berry seltzer. It had a frothier mouthfeel than a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

For the sake of everyone’s well-being, I gave each of my coworkers a shot of pixels—or, rather, soda—to try to get their thoughts on the matter in the open. Additionally, I inquired whether they had tasted Starlight and, if so, how they felt about the flavour.

A remarkable result was drawn from this very scientific investigation. Some people like Byte, but others prefered Starlight, which had a cotton candy taste.


Byte isn’t one of my favourite beverages, but I’m a member of Team Starlight. At a convenience shop, it’s hardly the last item I’d buy In fact, it’s something I’d be willing to let my friends try if they came around.

Unless you have a case, of course. Coca-Cola Byte is only available online, unlike Starlight, which is now a common item in my Instacart deliveries. If you want to get your hands on some pixels, be sure to set an alarm on May 2.

For those who have not yet tried Byte, there is a virtual scoreboard and adventure-style augmented reality game to play through the Coca-Cola Creations website.


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