Cobra Kai season 5 release date confirm this fall


Cobra Kai, one of the finest Netflix programmes that hasn’t been cancelled yet, has a release date and trailer for season 5, as well as an earlier return date. Unlike the previous two seasons of Cobra Kai, the fifth season will premiere on Netflix on September 9th, rather than New Year’s Day or Eve.

image via netflix

Netflix made the announcement with the release of the season 5 teaser for Cobra Kai. We have no idea why the adjustment was made, but we aren’t upset about it either. Cobra Kai has repeatedly shown why it’s one of Netflix’s greatest programmes. After it was initially announced, I was sceptical that it would be as good.

Season 5 of Cobra Kai starts up where the previous season’s conclusion left off. Following Cobra Kai’s victory in the All-Valley competition, both Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang have closed their doors, and Eric Silver is fast expanding his dojo into a legitimate franchise.


One-time adversary Chozen has joined forces with Daniel in order to bring down Cobra Kai and Silver once and for all. When Miguel’s mother doesn’t even know that her kid exists, she sends her boy to Mexico in search of his father, a guy she believes is a nasty person.

Even though he was first misinformed, Robby seems to be accompanying his father on the vacation. They seem to be on the verge of a reconciliation, at least in the guise of a fight at a seedy bar or fight club.

As a final pair, we have Samantha and Tory, who are both reacting in very different ways to what has happened at the All Valley Tournament. After realising that Silver paid the referee to assure Tory’s win, her success appears to be weighing on her. Samantha, on the other hand, seems to be heading in a darker direction, adopting an even more enraged and aggressive combat style.


For now, we can only speculate about what the future holds for Cobra Kai, when the show returns in September.

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