Battlefield 2042 is losing gamers to a Roblox-like indie game


Battlebit has usurped Battlefield 2042

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Fans aren’t happy with Battlefield 2042’s bug-ridden release. Fans of Dice’s multiplayer first-person shooter are seeking for other games to satisfy their need for multiplayer FPS, and one little-known, forthcoming indie game has precisely what they’re looking for.

As close as you can come to a Battlefield clone, Battlebit Remastered is. It uses low-poly, blocky graphics to bring the series’ signature squad-based shooting mechanics to a new medium. It’s basically Battlefield disguised as a Roblox game, and it’s a big hit with gamers.


There were 30,000 participants in the last public playtest of a forthcoming FPS that hasn’t even been released yet (that’s according to the developers; SteamDB (opens in new tab) estimates a total of 27,000). The playtest was originally supposed to run from April 8 to April 10, but it was cut short as the number of concurrent participants swelled.

In contrast, Battlefield 2042 continues to garner just a small fraction of that audience. During the same time period, there were just 2,000 active PC players(opens in new tab) and that number hasn’t risen beyond 30,000 since December of last year. On April 11, the number of players dipped below 1,000. Not a good look for a big-budget triple-A game, to say the least.

A candidate for the Battlefield

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Those who were disappointed by Battlefield 2042 will find it simple to become excited about Battlebit. All the series characteristics are there in its current beta stage, including big multiplayer battles with up to 250 people, land, air, and sea vehicles, and completely destructible settings allowing you to collapse gigantic structures. It’s still in beta.


Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, and Recon are the five classes available in the game, each of which has its own unique set of gadgets and class-specific skills. The specialised system in BF 2042 wasn’t for everyone, but this one should appeal to those who were turned off by it.

It also emphasises the importance of team communication, urging you to use voice chat to coordinate attacks with your comrades. Another feature that has yet to be included in BF 2042 is voice chat.

If you add various sights, magazines and camouflages to your weapons as well as individual soldier customization, you’ve got a game that is as near as you could hope for to a mainstream Battlefield entry.


If you’re a fan of Battlefield 2042, you’ll understand why some gamers are now waiting for a little indie game to give the type of multiplayer experience they’re looking for.

With each each playtest, the Battlebit player base grows by at least 10,000, as Reddit users report(opens in new tab) — a January playtest had 7,000 participants, while a February version had 17,000, and the most recent one has added another 10,000.

There’s a chance they’ll have to wait for a long. MrOkiDoki’s Studio, the creator of Battlebit, hasn’t specified a release date for the early access version of the game. Despite the fact that you’ll be able to play the current playtests for free


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