Battery details of Google Pixel Watch leaked


Before Google I/O next month, the leaks campaign for the Google Pixel Watch is in full swing. Prototypes have been found at restaurants “accidentally” left behind, but without a charger. This was a pretty clever way of showcasing forthcoming hardware without revealing anything about the accompanying software.

image via 9to5google

A fresh rumour drip-feeds us the next item of information: the battery capacity. The watch was approved by Bluetooth SIG in three variants. It will have a capacity of 300 mAh. Is that a lot? Are you kidding me? Is it really that small?

Let’s take a look at it from a different angle. The 40mm Pixel Watch and the 247 mAh battery Galaxy Watch4 were both leaked at the restaurant. But how many sizes will Google’s Pixel Watch arrive in? If it has two sizes like many other smartwatches (like Samsung’s), nobody knows which one the rumoured capacity refers to?


However, it seems that the Pixel Watch will not feature the tiniest battery. When you realise that it’s a 14mm thick monkey, it makes sense.

In addition to cellular connection, a leak has revealed that the Pixel Watch will be available. There will be three versions, and the most costly one is likely to be the only one we see. Not a terrific combination, therefore we hope it doesn’t have a battery of 300 mAh.


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