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Bad news For Google Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch rumoured facts


Neither the Google Pixel Watch nor the Pixel 6a could meet their predicted May release dates.

The Pixel 6a and Google’s first wearable, the Pixel Watch, are two of the company’s most anticipated products in 2022. One has supposedly slipped and the other is on the cusp of doing the same, despite the fact that leakers had predicted that both will debut in May at the annual Google I/O event.

A reputable leaker who said that the Pixel Watch will be released on May 26th, Jon Prosser, has confirmed this.


Google has reportedly delayed the Pixel 6a till the end of July, according to a tweet from Prosser, who blamed the delay on a lack of chips. In addition, “Pixel Watch is still May 26, but the insider thinks that it may soon be postponed as well,” he said.

If you’re a long-time Pixel fan, you may be feeling déjà vu at this point, since the Pixel 5a was delayed due to a chip shortage, leading Google to take the extraordinary step of notifying the public that a phone that had yet to be released was not scrapped.

As a result, the low-cost phone was only available in the United States and Japan, disappointing European Pixel enthusiasts who will have to wait until 2020 for the Pixel 4a 5G.


As long as Google isn’t competing against practically every other manufacturer for Qualcomm processors, it should be a lot easier for the Pixel 6a to succeed.

There have been rumours that the Pixel 6a would employ the company’s own Tensor chipset, which would save money on the camera array and the phone’s shell.

Although the Pixel 6a has yet to be released, it’s safe to assume that the Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch are on their way owing to an unlikely source: a colouring book.


As if that wasn’t enough, Google is giving Pixel superfans a colouring book that references the Pixel 6a and the colours Google employs in its wearable devices.

The fact that Google doesn’t currently have any wearable devices indicates that the Pixel Watch is a legitimate product. Following Fitbit’s $2.1 billion purchase, we should anticipate a gadget with a circular face, an Apple Watch-style crown, and Fitbit features incorporated into Wear OS.

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The truth will eventually come out, but it won’t be as quickly as we had planned. Source

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