Apple’s next significant update will be M3 Chips, not M2 Macs


Despite the fact that the M2 processors have yet to arrive, Apple continues to move forwards.

image via apple insider

According to rumours, Apple is already hard at work on the successor to the M2 family of chips, which the corporation has yet to reveal to the public. Assuming the information in this article is correct, Apple is well on its way to shipping M3 processors.

In addition to the new M2 MacBook Air, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has reported that Apple is testing its M3 chipsets, but this isn’t anything to get excited about just yet. According to Gurman, the M3 chips won’t be available until the end of 2023 at the earliest in his monthly Power On email.


I’ve heard that Apple is evaluating a variety of processors, not only the M2 model. I’ve heard rumours that an M3 version of the current iMac desktop is currently under development, but I doubt it will be available until the latter part of next year at the earliest. For those who are curious, yes, I believe an iMac Pro will be released. It’s simply not going to happen soon.

For the time being, all interest is focused on the M2 processor that will power the next MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. A dual M2 Ultra chip may be in the works for the next Mac Pro update, as well as more powerful 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops powered by M2 Pro and M2 Max processors, respectively. The most expensive Mac from Apple is the only one that hasn’t seen the return of Apple silicon.

New Mac Pros with two M2 Ultra CPUs will quickly become the greatest Mac for those who demand maximum performance. So, just prepare to shell out a lot of money for it — which isn’t going to bother firms that are going to charge their clientele anyhow!


Of course, it’s hardly unexpected that Apple is already working on the CPUs that will be used in Macs next year and beyond. The M4 is undoubtedly on Apple’s future roadmap, and I have a feeling it has crossed the thoughts of a few people at Apple Park already.

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