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Apple’s next external monitor was ‘finished’ months ago


The new display is said to have a resolution of seven thousand pixels. ‘

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has been working on a new external monitor for months.

Last week, the first rumours about a new Apple display surfaced. The Pro Display XDR’s 6K resolution has been surpassed by a new Apple Studio Display, which is said to feature a 7K resolution. For a while now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has been reporting in his Power On newsletter that development on the display had been done.


I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Apple showcasing its next-generation external display at a conference. I’ve been informed that Apple had finished working on it months ago, and it was expected to be released shortly after the release of the MacBook Pro last year. The Intel Mac Pro was released in 2019 and was Apple’s last in-house monitor. The spelling “peek” might also be explained by a monitor.

However, it’s not immediately apparent where this new Studio Display will go in the portfolio. Higher-resolution displays are likely to be more expensive than the Pro Monitor XDR, which will be discouraging to consumers who want a cheap display.

The exhibit Gurman is referring to may not be the one that was first reported on last week. Time will tell, as always.


In addition to a new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the iPhone SE is slated to get a 5G upgrade during Apple’s March 8 presentation. The current iPad Air might possibly get some attention in the future. It’s not clear whether Apple will also unveil a whole new display. Source

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