Apple’s machine learning chief resigns over a return to work policy


With Apple’s return-to-work policy in the limelight, the argument continues.

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Is it better to go back to the workplace or keep working from home? What’s been on the minds of both employers and workers is this question. With the epidemic still simmering in the background, the discussion over whether working outside of the office helps or hurts productivity has taken an unexpected turn.

According to Verge writer Zoe Schiffer, Apple employee Ian Goodfellow has resigned over the company’s efforts to bring workers back to work. Apple’s head of machine learning, Goodfellow, allegedly told Apple that his team would flourish if they had greater freedom. However, starting of April 11, the corporation has implemented a stringent return-to-office policy, requiring workers to report to work once each week. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after May 23, they’ll be required to come into the office three times a week.


Aside from Goodfellow, several other Apple employees have expressed their displeasure with the company’s return-to-work policy. In response to the lack of flexibility, a number of Apple workers sent a letter to the company’s leadership.

Workers’ objectives and expectations have changed, according to recent research and polls. Sixty-four percent of the world’s workforce stated they would prefer to resign rather than return to work full-time, according to a research from the ADP Research Institute.

According to a survey by Kastle, office occupancy in New York City has dropped to only 32.9 percent of pre-pandemic levels, leaving cubicles a little sparse.


People are less likely to be creative in virtual meetings than they are in person, according to Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, author and professor of psychology at Harvard University.

There seems to be no conclusive solution to this dispute at this time. Will people continue to work from home or will going back to the office be the new normal? In the meanwhile, we may anticipate more rumours of layoffs like the one Apple recently endured as we await a response.


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