Apple’s ‘Behind the Mac’ video for May 4th is Star Wars themed


A new Behind the Mac video has been promised by Apple, and it will demonstrate how the guys at Skywalker Sound create the sound for some of the world’s most renowned films and TV shows. This year’s Star Wars Day falls on May 4th, thus the new video will debut on that day.

Source: Disney

YouTube channel “Behind the Mac” is a place where Apple often posts films showing users in action, particularly those who are using Macs for artistic purposes. Apple Macs are used by Skywalker Sound, the company that handles the audio for the Star Wars films. Our ears will be treated to a demonstration of how the sounds we hear on a daily basis are made using Apple computers and other equipment in the upcoming film.

Meet the musicians who create the sounds of a galaxy far, far away on May the 4th at Skywalker Sound.


Macs have long been promoted by Apple as the prefered computer of artists and designers. A good illustration of this is the Mac Studio, which was just released, as well as the pricey Pro Display XDR. It is safe to say that Apple’s recommendation of the Mac Studio is based on its enormous processing capacity, which makes it ideal for creating 3D art, recording music, and a wide range of other types of media.

You can clearly tell that this Behind the Mac video is going to be a big hit on YouTube before May 4th even arrives.


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