Apple Watch Series 8 leaked box found in a secret room


our special agent invites thetechxp to their special room and there we found the box of apple watch series 8. he also tells us the specification of coming apple watch series 8 as other rumor website suggest

image credits: thetechxp

Price rumor

The Apple Watch 8 has yet to be given a release date. While we’re expecting to see a new Apple Watch in September 2022, based on recent introductions,

The new Apple Watch 8 design

The characteristic squircle of the Apple Watch 7 was adjusted to fit bigger screens in an ever-so-curvier chassis, which has stayed practically unaltered since the original model launched in 2016.


It’s unclear what the Apple Watch Series 8 will look like just yet, but it’s possible that it may resemble the Series 7 devices, since Apple has a history of sticking with display sizes for a few years.

Temperature Sensor

It’s possible that the Apple Watch could include a body temperature sensor by 2022, and the sensor would be utilised for fertility planning at first. Despite the fact that the Apple Watch may one day be used to assess whether a user’s body temperature is out of whack, it is unlikely to provide an actual reading.

Chips that are faster

According to reports, the next Apple Watch Series 8 will include a speedier SoC. With the S7 processor, Apple didn’t make any improvements; nevertheless, the S8 chip will be better.


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