Apple Watch fall detection feature is applauded by an officer


Upon receiving a Fall Detection alert from an Apple Watch, a police officer took to Reddit to clarify how emergency services react to such alerts.

All of Apple’s succeeding models, including the Apple Watch SE, include fall detection built in. An emergency services officer describes what occurs when the Apple Watch detects a fall, adding to the list of times it has been credited with saving lives.

Using the pseudonym Tropicott, the officer claims to have been “dispatched to a call that we got from an Apple Watch owing to its fall detection function.


According to the police officer, “History on the home did not come up with anything and all callbacks were negative.” “When I arrive at the house, I see that all of the lights are on.” A person is at home. No one answers the door when I knock.”

Officer: “Through the glass windows, I saw images of an old woman and her family, and I assumed that was who resided here.” Thanks to good fortune, the door had not been locked. My first impression as I walked up to the door was, “Groaning.”

Officer: “I raced upstairs and discovered the old woman lying on her back, half her face covered in blood,” he continued. The moment I realised I needed help, I dialled 911.


She’d been feeling queasy all day and then passed out after getting up to go to the bathroom. Police claim she had no idea her watch had phoned them, and one officer speculates that she wasn’t even in the correct frame of mind to grasp how this could have happened.

A police officer said, “[She] is currently receiving medical treatment and will make a complete recovery.” “Damn, it was awesome to witness the Apple Watch function in action.”

All that follows is a long list of people’s experiences with the Apple Watch’s fall detection system. Other users share their experiences of using the Apple Watch during their own slips and falls.


As long as the user is 55 or older and has provided their accurate age in the iPhone’s Health app, fall detection is enabled on the Apple Watch. Because of the high likelihood of false positives for users under 55, this function is disabled by default for them.

Except for the Apple Watch Series 3, all current models of the Apple Watch may have this functionality enabled.


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