Apple Watch call for help when its owner fell, injured her head


The Apple Watch promptly alerted emergency personnel after detecting a fall.

According to the woman’s daughter, an Apple Watch alerted authorities when her mother collapsed and damaged her skull. A lady in Montgomery County, Maryland, was taken to the hospital after her wearable alerted authorities.

Three years ago, Peggy Reynolds was given an Apple Watch as a gift, but she claims to have never used it for anything other than telling the time. To make it more fashionable for her outfits, Laura Money, daughter of the 81-year-old woman, says she loved switching around the bands. However, the woman had complained that the watch’s much-touted fall detection feature didn’t function. When an actual fall occurred, however, the local media reported.


It was more than just cute when it phoned for aid after Reynolds fell and hit his head on the pavement last Sunday.

When Money got on the site, the watch had already told first responders that it had detected a fall and sent them to the scene.

It was 6:11 p.m. when she received a message from her mother’s Apple Watch that a heavy fall had been detected, she said. There were two vehicles and a number of police officers waiting for me when I opened the gate, according to the resident.


With this newfound faith in Apple Watch’s potential to save a mother’s life, the daughter says she’d rather be spending time with her mum than “planning her funeral.”

Apple Watch’s Fall Detection function is one of the greatest out there, and it has undoubtedly saved numerous lives so far. Hope that continues for a long time.

Apple Watch Series 4 and later, including the Apple Watch SE, are equipped with fall detection.


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