Apple Watch 8 — release date, Price, design and more


Here are the most recent Apple Watch 8 leaks and speculations, as well as the most anticipated features.

In the fall of this year, Apple is likely to release the Apple Watch 8. In our Apple Watch 7 review, we made plain that we were thrilled with the new wristwatch from Apple, although it still lacked a few functions.

Every year since the first Apple Watch debuted, the company has unveiled a new iteration. In other words, it’s quite likely that Apple is working on a successor to the Apple Watch 7. However, rumours that didn’t come to fruition with this year’s iPhone 14 might be in store for this year’s Apple Watch 8.


In theory, Apple may be working on the flat-edged design that many people had hoped for. The hardware differences between the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6 may allow for the inclusion of a new health sensor in the Apple Watch 8. In the interim, watchOS 8 introduces a Mindfulness app for daily reflection, as well as extra fitness options.

Apple Watch 8 and watchOS 9 rumours are worth keeping an eye on if you’re intrigued about what the future holds. Remember to bookmark this page for any and all Apple Watch 8 pricing and release dates, as well as any other information that may be released.

Rumors and rumours about the upcoming Apple Watch 8 (Updated April 6)

  • This year’s Apple event did not provide any fresh information on the Apple Watch. Listed below are all the things Apple didn’t reveal.
  • It is possible that Mark Gurman’s prediction of a redesigned Apple Watch SE and a tougher Apple Watch with greater activity monitoring and new CPUs might come to fruition.

A likely release date and cost for the Apple Watch 8

We don’t know when the Apple Watch 8 might be released. While we’re expecting to see a new Apple Watch in September 2022, based on recent introductions,


The pricing of the Apple Watch 8 is still unknown at this time. We should expect the price of the Apple Watch 8 to be the same as the Apple Watch 7, as this has been the company’s pricing strategy for several years. Starts at $399 for the smaller version of the Apple Watch 7 (41mm) and goes up to $499 with cellular connection in the bigger version (45mm).

An Apple Watch 8 reimagined

With the Apple Watch 7, Apple altered the classic squircle’s shape to fit bigger screens in a more curved frame, but the watch’s design has stayed mostly identical since its introduction in 2016.

The Apple Watch 8 rumours are still in their infancy, but there are a few out there. Supposed renderings of an Apple Watch have surfaced in the most recent leak. It’s impossible for us to confirm the authenticity of this image, but if it’s correct, the Apple Watch 8 won’t look significantly different from the Apple Watch 7.


However, if the Apple Watch 8 gets the advancements that were originally speculated for the Series 7, it might follow the design style of newer, flat-edged iPhones. Earlier this year, leaker Jon Prosser posted a set of renderings that suggested a flat-sided Apple Watch. By claiming his sources may have sent over information about a different future Apple Watch, not definitely the Apple Watch 7, Prosser put some distance between the new design and the Apple Watch 7.

Before the Apple Watch 7 was announced, a new series of renderings showed that the device will have a flat edge design. An all-flat design, including a display, is hinted at by leaked CAD renderings, which were published by 91Mobiles(opens new tab).

Could Apple make the leap from its curviest Apple Watch ever to its sharpest one?


The speculated features of the Apple Watch 8

According to Mark Gurman on a January episode of Power Up, the Apple Watch 8 may not have any new health-tracking sensors compared to the Apple Watch 7. (opens in new tab). Apple’s smartwatch roadmap might instead include skin temperature, blood pressure, and blood glucose monitors.

As a result of the bigger Apple Watch 7 sizes that were announced in the fall, we predicted that the 2022 model will see internal advancements as well. Only time will tell.

Apple Watch SE 2 with increased durability

Next year’s Apple Watch SE will be two years old, so it’s possible that the more affordable Apple Watch 8 may arrive at the same time. If you’re interested in learning more about the anticipated Apple Watch SE 2, check out our in-depth look.


When compared to the current greatest Apple Watch for people on a budget, we could see the Apple Watch SE 2 start at $279 with improved features.

An Apple Watch tailored for outdoor sports fans has also been speculated about. The battery life and GPS capabilities will have a significant impact on whether or not this watch is considered one of the top sports watches.

(Image credit: Jon Prosser & Ian Zelbo)

A ruggedized version of the Apple Watch has been circulating since before the Series 7 was announced, but according to Apple tipster Mark Gurman, it might debut with the Series 8 when it is released.


What we hope to see with Apple Watch 8

Battery life has been rated at 18 hours for several years now, but this year’s Apple Watch boasts an improved battery life. A daily charge is still required, even though the firm has added additional capabilities like an always-on display. The Apple Watch 8’s battery life may be better than prior versions thanks to a greater capacity and a more efficient chipset. However, this is what we aim for every year. Even the Apple Watch 7 was tipped for a huge battery life boost, but it didn’t happen.

The Fitbit Sense’s skin-temperature sensor has been said to be in the works by Apple for some time now, according to a Bloomberg story. An Apple Watch feature that monitors temperature is expected to be available by 2022, according to a Wall Street Journal story. With its capacity to measure temperature, the watch might be marketed as an aid in the planning of pregnancies. In Mark Gurman’s opinion, this is still a viable option.

(Image credit: LeaksApplePro)

Long speculated is an Apple Watch blood glucose reader feature, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Also, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple wants its wristwatch to be able to detect or monitor diabetes. Apple is rumoured to be working on noninvasive methods of taking blood glucose readings, despite the fact that there are already third-party applications that function with an intrusive pump. Short-wavelength infrared sensors to measure blood sugar levels are being developed by Apple, according to DigiTimes, who first reported the development.


Rumors about a blood pressure monitor for the Apple Watch originated a long time ago, just as blood glucose reading. A brief time before the Apple Watch 7 introduction, the company appeared ready to reveal the health sensor, but it didn’t happen. When looking at the blood pressure monitor on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, we can see that it’s still awaiting FDA clearance. To obtain blood pressure monitoring on the Apple Watch, you’ll need to get the required certifications for use in the United States first.

Rumors have speculated that the Apple Watch may sport a microLED display instead of an OLED panel. It may allow for a more compact and energy-efficient Apple Watch. In contrast to typical OLED panels, microLED displays are brighter and don’t suffer from luminance decay. To put it another way, the Apple Watch’s battery life might be extended by employing micro-LED screen technology, which now stands at just 18 hours.

(Image credit: Jon Prosser & Ian Zelbo)

The existing biometric technology for the Apple Watch, known as Touch ID, is rather straightforward. If you have a passcode, you’ll have to enter it every time you put your Apple Watch on. A higher level of security on your wristwatch would be a nice addition, given the potential data that it may contain. TouchID appears to be the answer until Apple adds a native selfie camera to the Apple Watch for FaceID. Alternatively, a fingerprint sensor might be included into the side button or perhaps the Apple Watch display.


As evidenced by the Apple Watch bands published on Apple’s website (as well as the 40mm and 44mm sizes), we’d want the Apple Watch to arrive in even bigger sizes. Allows for a shrunken experience that is great for tidbits, but unsuitable for work. Even though a few millimetres of extra space on the Apple Watch may not seem like much, it might allow the firm to include features like better microphones and speakers or a more powerful CPU.

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