Apple TV Plus’ finest new shows Severance renewed for a second season


The sequel to Severance has been announced.

Apple TV Plus’ newest smash will not necessitate a severance compensation.

When Dan Erickson’s star-studded, psychological thriller Severance finished its first season, it was announced that it would be returning for a second.


Employees at a software business, Lumon Industries, are given an aptly-named severance programme to keep their work and non-work memories separate. The show stars Patricia Arquette, Adam Scott, John Turturro, and Christopher Walken.

The first season of Severance premiered in February on Apple TV Plus, and the season finale will show on April 8th. As a result, Apple has commissioned the show’s comeback ahead of schedule as a sign of its excellence (seriously, not even Squid Game season 2 got the green light this early).

As soon as it premiered, Severance joined programmes like Ted Lasso and Foundation on our list of the top Apple TV shows. Critics and viewers alike lauded its darkly humorous outlook on humanity’s corporate future.


Severance is a “whip-smart parody on office culture” with “memorable characters, delightfully clinical production design, and a great idea,” according to our own assessment of the programme.

People on Twitter(opens in new tab) have praised Severance as “phenomenal,” “mind-blowing,” and “so underestimated,” all in the same breath.


“You’ll feel like you never left,” states the teaser tweet(opens in new tab) for the second season, and we couldn’t agree more.

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