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Apple TV could get cheaper to compete with Chromecast and Roku


In 2022, an analyst forecasts lower-cost Apple TVs.

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Even if the Apple TV 4K is a top-of-the-line streaming gadget, it’s not necessarily the most affordable option. This device is too pricey for individuals who just want to add a few more channels to their TV’s streaming options, and it’s hard to justify when Chomecast, FireTV, and Roku can do the same for a lot less money.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known expert on Apple’s products, believes that the company will address this issue later this year by releasing a more affordable version of its products.


According to Kuo, Apple will release a new version of Apple TV in the second half of the year that improves the cost structure. During this recession, I believe that Apple’s aggressive strategy of integrating hardware, content, and service will help it bridge the gap with its rivals. “.

Competition has been able to squeeze appealing products onto streaming sticks that plug directly into an HDMI port, without the need for a physical box. Whether this will be the same is anyone’s guess. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K and Chromecast with Google TV are both $50, and the Amazon TV Stick 4K Max is only $5 more expensive. ‘ However implausible it may be, never say never when it comes to Apple.

Apple’s distinctiveness

Because it’s an Apple product, Apple TV 4K isn’t any more expensive than any other. In addition to the A12 Bionic chip and a handy remote with Siri, this phone has a lot to offer. The Nvidia Shield, with its Tegra X1+ processor, is faster than the same chip found in the iPhone XS, but it’s not quite up to the speed of the A12 Bionic. For those with Apple Arcade memberships, it’s a major plus because it makes it a viable gaming platform.

Apple would suffer a setback if it had to sacrifice power and the ability to play games in order to compete at a lower price point. That being said, losing ground to Amazon in the streaming wars is likely to be a bigger blow.

Apple TV Plus is now available on a variety of other devices, but a reasonably priced Apple-branded TV stick may push the content even further, potentially driving subscriptions to those firmly in the company’s ecosystem and taking some much-needed market share from its competitors.


Because a less expensive streaming platform isn’t expected to replace Apple TV 4K, is there room for both? In the second half of the year, if Kuo is correct, we’ll find out.

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