Apple TV and HomePod might be combined into one device


If this is the case, Apple may be developing its own version of Frankenstein’s monster.

On Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, the writer revealed a new Apple product in the works that would combine an Apple TV with HomePod and FaceTime camera for the house.

Apple isn’t expected to bring back the full-sized HomePod, but instead will utilise this new gadget as the hub of the home, with the smaller HomePods scattered throughout.


Is there still a chance that Apple may release a new HomePod or other home device?

A new HomePod, notably one that includes a HomePod, Apple TV, and a FaceTime camera, is something I fully expect. I doubt a large standalone HomePod is currently under development, but a new HomePod mini may be on the way. In any event, Apple’s strategy is likely to focus on the combined product, with HomePod minis around it throughout the house.

Comparable to Google’s Nest Hub, this gadget might perform similar functions. For those who are willing to go all out, it may be an Apple…TV in its purest form. Like a real television, for example. That’s what you should do if you want to focus your smart home on anything, right?


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