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Apple TV 4K receives a major improvement – it’s now a travel necessity


Apple TV 4K just received one of Roku’s finest features

image credits: apple

Apple has just put out its new tvOS 15.4 update, and among the lesser repairs and software enhancements is a very helpful addition that makes the Apple TV 4K a true travel requirement.

It’s now substantially simpler to join an Apple TV 4K (or Apple TV HD) to a Wi-Fi network that needs extra sign-in procedures. It’s fairly unusual for a Wi-Fi network at a hotel or college dorm to ask users to complete a form or login into an account before internet access is provided. The Apple TV 4K formerly made connecting to these sorts of Wi-Fi networks a headache, but not any more.


Once you’ve received the newest tvOS update, you will be able to utilise an iPhone to rapidly bring your streaming device online. If you’re trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network that needs extra sign-in processes, simply quickly bring out your smartphone and you may be online with just a few touches.

Roku devices and Amazon Fire TV sticks have had similar capability for a time, so it’s great to see Apple finally coming up to speed. To enjoy this function, you’ll need to make sure your Apple TV device is up to date. This may simply be done by navigating to the settings menu and looking for updates.

Unfortunately, there is a tiny catch to this upgrade: you need an iPhone to hand; you cannot use an Android smartphone to rapidly bring an Apple TV 4K online. This restriction is frustrating, particularly when you consider Roku and Amazon don’t tie this functionality to any single mobile operating system, but it’s hardly a surprising move from Apple.


This change may seem modest in the broad scheme of things, but it’s a very helpful enhancement if you routinely take your Apple TV 4K on the road. It also reinforces the device’s place on our rating of the top streaming gadgets.

This isn’t the only Roku/Fire TV feature we’d want to see the Apple TV 4K mimic either. According to one of our contributors, it’s high time Apple brought back the physical home button on the Siri remote.


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