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Apple Studio Display (2022) release date, price, specs and more


Apple’s new Studio Display is a 5K panel that’s more cheap than the Pro Display XDR but still has cutting-edge technology.

Photo by Oleksandr Rupeta/NurPhoto via Getty Images

27-inch external display was launched as part of the Mac Studio along with the new M1 Max and M1 Ultra processors from Apple.

The 27-inch Studio Display offers a 5K Retina display with minimal boundaries and a streamlined aluminium shell that resembles the 24-inch iMac in both form and function (2021).


As far as Apple Studio displays go, here are all the details you need to know:

The release date and pricing of the Apple Studio Display.

Pre-orders for the Apple Studio display may be placed now until March 18th. The Studio Display is much less expensive than the Pro Display XDR, but at $1,599, it’s still not cheap.

The additional $1,899 you’ll have to spend for the nano-texture glass is for the purpose of further reducing glare.


Built-in stands for the Studio Display allow for a maximum tilt angle of 30 degrees. It’s also possible to have a stand with tilt and height adjustments, as well as a counterbalancing arm. There’s a $400 sunk cost to this choice.

The VESA mount adaptor is a great feature for multimedia artists and graphic designers since it enables users to switch the display’s orientation from portrait to landscape. $1,599 is the price of this set-up as well.

The specifications and performance of the Apple Studio Display.

The monitor’s display is the most fascinating component of the device. Over 14.7 million pixels, 600 nits brightness, P3 wide colour, and compatibility for over a billion colours make up the Studio Display from Apple.


True Tone technology is also included, so the display will automatically adapt to the lighting conditions in your surroundings. An anti-reflective polish may be applied to the Studio Display, making it more pleasant to look at.

Video and audio enhancements using the A13 Bionic chip

Although the A13 Bionic technology included in the iPhone 11 range isn’t used in the Studio Panel, it does equip the display with exceptional audio and photography capabilities.

(Image credit: Apple)

This is the first Mac to come with Apple’s Center Stage function, which is presently only available on the iPad. On top of that, the display has an iPad-like 12 megapixel Ultra Wide front-facing camera.


Additionally, since the Studio Display is geared at creative professionals, Apple added some interesting audio elements to the mix. The gadget has a low noise floor three-microphone array and a six-speaker sound system with support for Spatial Audio. “The greatest ever audio system ever made for Mac,” says Apple.

Display ports and connections for the Apple Studio

In order to get the most out of this monitor’s features, you don’t absolutely need a Mac Studio to connect it to. One Thunderbolt port, three USB-C ports, and a USB 3.0 port are included. The 96W cable may also be used to quickly charge even the most recent 14-inch MacBook Pro. Apple claims that a MacBook Pro can support up to three Studio Displays.

A peek at Apple’s Studio Display

(Image credit: Apple)

For individuals who don’t need as much detail as the Pro XDR Display, the Apple Studio Display should provide a vibrant and detailed 5K image. In addition, the Studio Display’s 12MP camera, triple microphones, and loud speaker arrangement make it ideal for video conversations. Even still, a $1,599 monitor isn’t exactly cheap, so we’re interested to see how it compares against the top displays from Dell, HP, and the rest. Please stay tuned for our complete evaluation.


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