Apple says goodbye to old apps from the App Store


Make a backup of your existing applications and games in case they are permanently removed from the store.

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Apple has begun warning developers that their older applications and games may be removed from the App Store if they are not updated. “Find great apps that fit your needs and are compatible with the latest and best iOS devices” is the goal of a wave of App Store improvements.

Protopop Games, the company behind the puzzle game MotiVoto, has received an email stating that it is considering removing applications that have not had an update in over two years. It is stated in the email that developers have 30 days from the date of receipt to submit an update for approval or their applications would be permanently withdrawn from the App Store.


All applications, not just games, will be affected by this change, according to Apple. FAQ website for App Store Improvements claims to be examining games to make sure they still work and aren’t out of date.

Developers will be informed over the following 30 days if there are any problems that need to be addressed. Apple will immediately delete your software from the App Store if it crashes at startup. There will be no problem for current users, those who have already downloaded an app, to continue using it in the future.


“This is not cool,” tweeted Protopop Games in response to this development. As of this writing, console games are still on sale. It’s a slap in the face of independent developers.”

Since independent developers don’t have the resources of major studios or app developers, keeping older applications up to date may be an expensive and time-consuming process, which is a legitimate issue. Apple, on the other hand, has a different viewpoint.

Always keeping an eye out for low-quality programmes and harmful software, Apple has always kept a tight rein on the App Store. This is critical if the applications you’re trying to use don’t run on the latest versions of iOS.


Of course, if any pirates manage to get their hands on iOS devices and compel Apple to enable sideloading, all of this would be irrelevant. This is a requirement of EU authorities under the Digital Markets Act, which the corporation claims would “cripple” security measures.

Epic Games, for example, would gain from this by being able to sell Fortnite on iOS devices without having to deal with the App Store or Apple’s 30% share of all sales.

Don’t expect things to change right away in this situation, which will take at least a few months to resolve. In the meanwhile, the App Store Improvements should be a reminder that if there are any older iOS applications you want to retain a hold of, make sure to download them to one of your devices while you still can.


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