Apple rumoured to bring USB-C in coming iPhone — finally


There’s a chance Apple may move to USB-C next year from Lightning.

image credits: bloomberg

After almost a decade of service, the Apple Lightning cable may be nearing the end of its useful life. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will include USB-C capability in iPhones as early as 2023.

If this is the case, it would be a major development. After a decade of micro-USB and USB-C charging ports, the mobile phone industry has finally settled on a single standard. When it comes to Apple products, the iPhone has always used a proprietary Lightning connection, first introduced with the iPhone 5 in late 2012 and continuing until today.


However, the ultimate standards for USB-C adoption will depend solely on what iOS can handle, according to Kuo’s predictions. Having a single charger to charge all of your Apple and non-Apple gadgets is a huge convenience.

Other USB-C accessories, such charging docks and gaming controllers, may also be compatible with new iPhone models as a result. Even still, existing iPhone users may end up needing to replace all of their outmoded Lightning-based gadgets because of the new Lightning standard. As long as they haven’t already gone wifi.

Apple moving to USB-C for the iPhone has been rumoured for a long time. After comparable improvements were made to recent iPads, including as the iPad Pro, iPad mini 6, and iPad Air 2022, curiosity about a new iPad was stoked.


Similarly, the European Union has threatened to mandate the use of USB-C as a common charger, which was the impetus for the initial move towards a unified charging standard. Years of threats by the legislative body appear to be coming to fruition now with the new “EU Common charger” legislation.

A revelation from Kuo has dashed such hopes and stated that Apple may instead unveil an iPhone that does not have any ports at all – completely eliminating USB-C. As of late, Kuo has shifted his position.

The iPhone 14 is said to use USB-C for the first time, however there have been many contradicting reports concerning this. Only the iPhone 14 Pro, according to a weird rumour, would have USB-C, leaving the iPhone 14 and maybe the speculated iPhone 14 Max with Lightning.


Apple’s iPhone 14 debut may disappoint a large number of people if Kuo is correct. If we wait until the iPhone 15 is out, we may have to wait until almost every other mobile device on the market is connected to the iPhone.

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