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Apple releases iOS 15.4 with ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask


As of today, eligible devices may download iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4. There are a few small tweaks and a big overhaul of Face ID with this release.

image credits: 9to5mac

Wearing a face mask while using Face ID on an iPhone or iPad is now possible with iOS 15.4. Instead of using masks, this function scans the region surrounding your eyes instead, which is less secure.

Face ID with a mask will make the function less secure than a complete face scan, and you must gaze at the phone when unlocking it with nothing concealing your eyes, according to the setting for turning it on. It is possible that most individuals would rather have a decreased level of protection than have to constantly remove their masks.


Because Apple is Apple, this functionality will only work on iPhones 12 and later. Those who own an iPhone XS, an XR, or an XS Max are practically being left out in the cold by this.

iPadOS 15.4 also has Universal Control, an important new feature. This feature enables the user to simultaneously use a Mac and an iPad and transfer the mouse cursor between the two devices. It’s also possible for users to transfer data between the two devices as if they were on the same PC.

In addition, the Emoji 14.0 set includes over 100 new emoji in 15.4, as well as a new voice option for Siri and the ability to provide time and date information off-line, support for EU Digital COVID Certificates in vaccine cards in Apple Wallet, improvements to Safari web page translations with support for Italian and Chinese, Podcasts app improvements, and more. 15.4 is available now.


tvOS 15.4 and the HomePod Software 15.4 were also published by Apple. Source

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