Apple Myeongdong is officially open in South Korea


Apple’s newest store is now open and ready to serve customers.

Apple’s newest store in South Korea has officially opened its doors.

Located in the centre of Seoul, Apple Myeongdong has just opened its doors to the public. Store visitors may buy Apple goods, get them repaired or learn about a wide variety of subjects from the popular Today at Apple series when they come.


For safety reasons, guests will need to make a reservation to enter the shop on opening day, as Apple noted on the location’s website. On April 7, reservations for the shop’s grand opening were closed; thus, there is no assurance that you will be allowed to enter the store at the time of its opening.

Myeong-dong, Seoul’s most popular tourist destination, will soon be home to the biggest Apple Store in the country. A place where people may freely express their creativity and imagination is our goal with this retail space. This is a space for you and us to connect and encourage each other. You’ll be greeted with a beautifully lit world thanks to everyone’s brilliant ideas.

Everyone is welcome here, but safety is the most crucial consideration. As a result, the number of people allowed in the Apple Myeong-dong shop on Saturday, April 9 is strictly restricted.


From 8:00 a.m. on April 7th, reservations may be made here.

For the third time, Apple has opened a South Korean store in Myeongdong. Both Apple Yeouido and Apple Garosugil are already in the nation.

When Apple releases images of the opening, as it typically does, you can be sure we’ll have them here.


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