Apple, Microsoft and Google team up to kill off passwords


Increased support for the FIDO passwordless standard is coming from all three firms.

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A new collaborative security standard promises to make passwords obsolete, making it simpler to log into applications and services on Apple, Google, and Microsoft-powered devices.

Press releases from the three tech titans vow to increase support for FIDO passwordless sign-in “throughout” the next year, according to their statement. In an effort to make login into websites and applications easier but yet safe, the World Wide Web Consortium and the FIDO Alliance have developed FIDO, a system that goes beyond the capabilities of existing password managers.


Using the same password for many accounts weakens your online security in the case that one of those accounts is compromised, which is a regular issue with passwords. By contrast, the FIDO standard handles the creation of unique passkeys, leaving you free to log in using a PIN or biometric identification.

Password managers and two-factor authentication (or 2FA) systems like these sound a lot like each other. The FIDO Alliance, on the other hand, claims that their standard is more secure, and that Apple, Google, and Microsoft’s endorsement will provide two additional advantages.

As a first step, you may use passwordless sign-in on new devices without having to create an account or sign in again. Even if both devices are running different software and operating systems, you may use the same passkey to login into an account on one device and access it on another. Even if you’re able to do this in certain cases, such as when you’re entering into an app or a website, having the ability to do so on every device you own would be a significant benefit.


With the help of the FIDO Alliance, this technology will soon be available to everyone. Because the three largest tech giants control almost all of the mobile and desktop computing device markets, every major app and website will be forced to embrace the standard if it is supported.

When it comes to FIDO-powered Apple and Google logins, “the next year” is a little ambiguous, so you may want to wait for more announcements from the businesses themselves before wondering where they are. Apple’s WWDC 2022 or Google’s I/O 2022 may be a good place to learn more about new password technology, since both events are likely to address software and platform upgrades.


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