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Apple Maps says Crimea is part of Ukraine, but not in Russia


For users outside of Russia, Apple has updated its Maps and Weather applications to indicate that Crimea is part of Ukraine.

According to Mashable,

When accessed outside of Russia, Apple’s Maps and Weather applications now show Crimea as part of Ukraine. The corporation seems to have discreetly changed its position on the territorial issue. There is a possibility that Russia’s recent incursion into Ukraine is to blame.


Although the report does not indicate whether the change is mirrored in Russia, iMore can confirm that when viewed from inside the Russian Federation, the land is still identified as part of Russia.

Following intense international and Ukrainian backlash in 2019, Apple altered the designation of Crimea and Sevastopol at the insistence of the Russian government. The next year:

Crimea and Sevastopol now show up as Russian territory in Maps and Weather, according to information released by Apple only yesterday, November 27. Only Russian iOS users will see the change, which is similar to other regional iOS modifications made by Apple, such as the removal of the Taiwanese flag from the emoji keyboard in Hong Kong and China.


There is strong opposition to Russia’s takeover of Crimea throughout the area. Many countries, including the EU and US, do not acknowledge Russia’s claim of possession. There have been almost 13,000 deaths as a result of the fighting.

When Apple made this modification, it isn’t known, but it seems to be linked to previous actions taken by the corporation in reaction to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. Apple no longer sells its goods in Russia and has taken down Russian state-sponsored media from its service. Source


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